Recent Calls
Mon. Jun 1st 2020
This afternoon, we were asked to assist Oceanport Fire Dept. at a house fire on Branchport Ave. Members responded with 4590 and 4585, and our primary mission was cutting holes in the roof to provide v...
Wed. Apr 8th 2020
This morning members responded to a call for a truck fire, a tractor trailer carrying mulch was stopped by the SPD with smoking coming from the trailer. Upon arrival units found a small fire in the mu...
Fri. Dec 6th 2019
Few weeks ago Eatontown Fire was alerted of a reported vehicle fire with possible extension. 1167 arrived on location confirming a vehicle fire with extension to the garage. A crew from Ladder 1192 ar...
Fri. May 31st 2019
This evening, members responded to a fire at The Brandywine on Meridian Way. There was a fire in one of the dryers in the basement. The fire was quickly extinguished by the sprinklers and our firefigh...
Tue. Apr 9th 2019
This morning at 5:30am, a resident of Strauss Drive called and reported that there was a fire somewhere on Dorchester Way. Members of the Shrewsbury Police and Shrewsbury Hose Company responded and fo...
Chelsea at Shrewsbury Donation
Mon. May 20th 2019

Good Morning neighbors! Last evening, members of Shrewsbury Hose Co. #1 attended the grand opening of Chelsea at Shrewsbury, a brand new senior living facility at the corner of Shrewsbury and Patterson Ave. We want to welcome Rich Johnson, the Executive Director, and his team to Shrewsbury and we wish them great success!

During last evening’s event, Dave Ennis and Scott Stewart from Chelsea Senior Living presented Chief John Merris with an incredibly generous donation! The money donated will be used by SHC #1 to purchase two brand new, state-of-the-art air packs. For those of you who don’t know the business, an air pack is what we wear on our backs and provides us with breathing air in dangerous environments. Thanks very much to Chelsea Senior Living for being a great and philanthropic partner. Your amazing gift will definitely save a life! 

Please be safe, and know that we’re here if you need us with the best tools available because of wonderful neighbors!


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66 entries in the News

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