Recent Calls
Wed. Apr 8th 2020
This morning members responded to a call for a truck fire, a tractor trailer carrying mulch was stopped by the SPD with smoking coming from the trailer. Upon arrival units found a small fire in the mu...
Fri. Dec 6th 2019
Few weeks ago Eatontown Fire was alerted of a reported vehicle fire with possible extension. 1167 arrived on location confirming a vehicle fire with extension to the garage. A crew from Ladder 1192 ar...
Fri. May 31st 2019
This evening, members responded to a fire at The Brandywine on Meridian Way. There was a fire in one of the dryers in the basement. The fire was quickly extinguished by the sprinklers and our firefigh...
Tue. Apr 9th 2019
This morning at 5:30am, a resident of Strauss Drive called and reported that there was a fire somewhere on Dorchester Way. Members of the Shrewsbury Police and Shrewsbury Hose Company responded and fo...
Sun. Mar 31st 2019
Members of station 45-1 operated at a multi jusridictional natural gas drill. Numerous scenarios were conducted by the fire departments and EMS squads in attendance.
2019 Officers
Wed. Dec 5th 2018

Shrewsbury Hose Co. #1

is proud to announce it's Officers for 2019.

Line Officers:

Chief - John J. Merris

1st Asst. Chief - Edward Magenheimer

2nd Asst. Chief - Peter Gibson

Chief Engineer - John P. Merris

1st Asst. Engineer - Ron Neis

2nd Asst. Engineer - Bob Wentway

3rd Asst. Engineer - Mike Ernst


Executive Officers:

President - Peter Meyer

Vice President - Bob Wentway

Secretary - Noelle Tyler

Treasurer - Brent MacConnell

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66 entries in the News

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