Recent Calls
Fri. May 31st 2019
This evening, members responded to a fire at The Brandywine on Meridian Way. There was a fire in one of the dryers in the basement. The fire was quickly extinguished by the sprinklers and our firefigh...
Tue. Apr 9th 2019
This morning at 5:30am, a resident of Strauss Drive called and reported that there was a fire somewhere on Dorchester Way. Members of the Shrewsbury Police and Shrewsbury Hose Company responded and fo...
Sun. Mar 31st 2019
Members of station 45-1 operated at a multi jusridictional natural gas drill. Numerous scenarios were conducted by the fire departments and EMS squads in attendance.
Wed. Dec 12th 2018
December 12th the members from station 45-1 responded into Red Bank for mutual aid at a structure fire on Rector place. Units responding included Tower 4590, Rescue 4585 and Chief 4568.
Mon. Nov 5th 2018
Members responded to an MVA at Highway 35 and Sycamore Avenue, Engine 4576 and Rescue 4585 along with Chief 4568 responded. Members secured vehicles and assisted PD with traffic control.
2019 Officers
Wed. Dec 5th 2018

Shrewsbury Hose Co. #1

is proud to announce it's Officers for 2019.

Line Officers:

Chief - John J. Merris

1st Asst. Chief - Edward Magenheimer

2nd Asst. Chief - Peter Gibson

Chief Engineer - John P. Merris

1st Asst. Engineer - Ron Neis

2nd Asst. Engineer - Bob Wentway

3rd Asst. Engineer - Mike Ernst


Executive Officers:

President - Peter Meyer

Vice President - Bob Wentway

Secretary - Noelle Tyler

Treasurer - Brent MacConnell

50 entries in the News

50 entries in the News

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