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Fri. Dec 6th 2019
Few weeks ago Eatontown Fire was alerted of a reported vehicle fire with possible extension. 1167 arrived on location confirming a vehicle fire with extension to the garage. A crew from Ladder 1192 ar...
Fri. May 31st 2019
This evening, members responded to a fire at The Brandywine on Meridian Way. There was a fire in one of the dryers in the basement. The fire was quickly extinguished by the sprinklers and our firefigh...
Tue. Apr 9th 2019
This morning at 5:30am, a resident of Strauss Drive called and reported that there was a fire somewhere on Dorchester Way. Members of the Shrewsbury Police and Shrewsbury Hose Company responded and fo...
Sun. Mar 31st 2019
Members of station 45-1 operated at a multi jusridictional natural gas drill. Numerous scenarios were conducted by the fire departments and EMS squads in attendance.
Wed. Dec 12th 2018
December 12th the members from station 45-1 responded into Red Bank for mutual aid at a structure fire on Rector place. Units responding included Tower 4590, Rescue 4585 and Chief 4568.



  1. Completed maps will be accepted until midnight on Saturday, March 28, SUNDAY, MARCH 29, 2020.
  2. Entries must be emailed to
  3. Your entry must include your name, your address, and an email or phone number.
  4. In our effort to promote social distancing, only emailed entries will be included. 
  5. You must be a resident of the Borough of Shrewsbury NJ to be eligible to win a prize.
  6. Entries are limited to 5 per household please.
  7. Only one winning entry per household. 
  8. Winners will be drawn randomly. The first 5 valid entries will win.
  9. If you can, please send us a PDF version of your Escape Plan. We will also accept JPEG or GIF format since not everyone has a scanner in their home.
  10. You can also send us drawings of the Fire Engines OR the firefighters as well. If you say it’s OK, we’ll post them on our Facebook and Instagram page so that everyone can enjoy them! However, only maps will be counted as contest entries.
  11. Members of SHC#1 and their families can participate, but will not be eligible to win a gift card.


Welcome to Shrewsbury Hose Company No. 1!  We are a solely volunteer organization, who pride ourselves in serving our citizens with the best in fire protection and emergency services.  Founded in 1908, we are still 100% volunteer, and ready at a moments notice.

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